German Kitchens Laser Edging Technology

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The company implements a new laser-edging machine with sealTec in its production site in Enger, Germany. The implementation of this method results in excellent edge quality,
brilliant optics and unprecedented moisture and water vapor resistance. The HOMAG sealTec technology designates the innovative method of waterproofing furniture

SealTec technology is the application of a special water-repellent liquid – called sealing Agent – on chipboard parts before the gluing process. The use of this technology improves the water repellent properties of the surface up to three times. The sealingAgent liquid is applied on a 3 mm. strip of surface (from the narrow side of the workpiece).

“These innovations are for our benefits to provide a better quality material for our clients. We see potential opportunities in our national and international projects as well. The key to improving the quality is implementation of innovations and to communicate these ”, says Peter Sterz, German Kitchens.

If nowadays dishwashers open themselves after use and steam and humidity escape, we must properly react with our wood products accordingly on these developments.

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